Farewell Dinner Summer Term 2013 Friday (July 19)

This summer term was conclude with a dinner with our teachers and students in the Changchunyuan Cafeteria on the PKU campus. All students and teachers attended. ECCS office 

Wenhua-Excursion on Friday (Oct. 18)

As part of the Wenhua-class we had a trip  to the famous „Lama Temple“ and the Wudaoying Hutong. The trip was led by Yan laoshi. ECCS office

ECCS-fieldtrip Capital Museum, Saturday (June 8)

On June 8 a  group of ECCS students went on a fieldtrip to the Capital Museum (首都博物馆). The „Shoubo“ houses very good exhibitions on the history of the capital as well as life in the hutongs of Beijing. 

How to extend a German Passport?

Informationen zur Passbeantragung Die Sommerferien stehen vor der Tür! Sie wollen verreisen? Ist Ihr Pass noch gültig und hat er noch ausreichend Platz für evtl. notwendige Visa sowie Ein- und Ausreisestempel? In Ihrem Interesse möchten wir Sie daran erinnern, Ihren

ThinkIN China #26 (Wednesday, May 22)

We had a successful ThinkIN China #26 event on May 22 at the Bridge Café. About 130 people, including ECCS students listened to Prof. Dr. ZHOU Hong, director of the Institute of European Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

ECCS Trip to Datong (May 3-5)

A group of our students, accompanied by an ECCS teacher, went on a fieldtrip to Datong  (大同) in Shanxi Province, the ancient capital of the Northern Wei and Jin Dynasties. Our students visited UNESCO-World Heritage sites, such as the Buddhist Yungang Grottoes

ThinkIN China #25 (Tuesday, April 30)

About 120 people attended ThinkIN China #25 event on April 30 at the Bridge Café. Prof. Dr. Jørgen Delman, professor at the ECCS partner Copenhagen University and ECCS board member, gave a speech analyzing the Chinese current and prospective use of energy

ECCS Trip to Xi’an (April 26-30)

A group of our students, accompanied by an ECCS teacher, went on a fieldtrip to the ancient capital of Xi’an (西安) in Shaanxi Province. Among the sites were the Terracotta worriers near the burial site of the first emperor Qin

ECCS Trip to Chengde (April 12-14)

We had a student excursion to Chengde (承德) on the weekend of April. Among the sites we visited were the Great Wall at Jingshanling (金山令), the Imperial Mountain Villa Resort (避暑山庄) as well as the UNESCO World Heritage sites of

Avian Flu H7N9 Prevention

Dear ECCS students Attached you find information by the PKU International office concerning flu prevention. Although there is not yet any sign that the H7N9 influenza will become pandemic in Beijing but  it is wise to take certain precautions. Please