Chinese Studies Lecture with Prof. Angela Schottenhammer at the National Library


Last Wednesday (9/2) for the first time the ECCS and the National Library of China jointly hosted an event of the Chinese Studies Lecture Series 中国研究专题系列讲座. Prof. Angela Schottenhammer from Salzburg University was invited to present her research on the topic

Einfuehrungsveranstaltung und Campustour

In unserem Buero im Taipingyang-Tower versammelten sich heute alle 16 neuen Studenten, so dass wir die wichtigsten Dinge, die sich zu Beginn des Semesters ergeben, besprechen konnten. Bei der anschliessenden Fuehrung ueber den Campus wurden dann alle erstmal gruendlich nass…

Welcome to our new students!

Today the last two of our sixteen new students from Frankfurt arrived, a very warm welcome to all of them! Because currently all of our students inscribed come from german universities, we will publish part of our news and notifications

Welcome Dinner (March 14)

Last Friday the History Department of PKU held a warm reception dinner for the new ECCS students at the Weiminglou on Campus. The Department heads, Dean Prof. Dr. GAO Yi, Vice-Dean Prof. Dr. WANG Xingsheng, both addressed the students. The program

Peking Opera (Jingju) trip (March 13)

We had the ECCs fieldtrip to the Peking Opera in the Huguang Huiguang in the Xuanwu District on Thursday (March 13). Almost all of the ECCS students attended.        

Forbidden City Walking History Seminar (Dec. 13)

On Friday (Dec . 13) we had a Walking History Seminar called „Imperial Life in the Forbidden City“. About 22 students joined Dr. Niedenführ for this walk in spite of the cold. ECCS Office

ECCS trip to the Chinese Acrobatics Show (Dec. 5)

On Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013 we had the ECCS fieldtrip to the Chinese Acrobatics Show (Zaji 杂技) in Chaoyang Theater, Beijing. About 30 students joined the trip. ECCS Office 

ThinkIN China #31 (Tuesday, Dec. 3)

On Dec. 3rd we had the last ThinkIN China event of this year. This special included screening a documentary about the Songzhuang Art Village. 

Tiananmen and Legation Quarter Walking History Seminar (Nov. 15)

On Nov. 15 we had the ECCS Walking History Seminar „Tiananmen and Legation Quarter“. On this 3 hour walk we visited the Sun Yatsen Park, the Gate of Heavenly Peace with the Mao’s iconic picture, the various sites of national memory on

ECCS temple trip (Oct 19)

On Saturday (Oct 18) we had our ECCS temple trip. 26 students joined the trip. The two temples that we visited lie within in the beautiful mountains in the West of Beijing. The Tanzhesi (潭柘寺) dates back to the Western