I need a taxi to the airport but have to fly very early. How do I order one?

When your flight leaves very early or you have to leave during rush hour you might want to order a taxi to make sure you make it to the airport in time. For this you can call a taxi call service. You might program them some of them into your cell phone in advance. These numbers are often advertised on the taxis. When you use these call-a-cab services, an extra RMB 3 will be charged.

Most Used Taxi Call Services:


Other Taxi Companies:

+86 10-6873 3399
+86 10-68312288
+86 10-64040331
+86 10-68315014
+86 10-63098946
+86 10-65124589
+86 10-65125309
+86 10-65253102

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