Timetable ECCS Summer term 2014

Feb 27/28
Arrival and pickup of students

Mar 1 (Sa)
10:00: Introductory Meeting at the Laohuaxuelou, Room 227
12:00 Issuing of the Teaching Materials at the ECCS-Office (Room 229)

Mar 3 (Mo)   
8:30 Start of the Classes (see separate class schedule)

17:45 Welcome Dinner by invitation of the Department of History (meeting point ECCS)


until Mar 7  (Fr)
a) Please don’t forget to pay your first installment of the rent until this day!
b) Please hand in: 2 clearly readable copies of passport, visa and police registration (派出所登记表)!
c) Please hand in current Beijing cell phone and telephone numbers!
d) Payment of activity fee (500 RMB) at ECCS Office (all students)

Mar 10 (Mo)
ECCS-Excursion to the Peking-Opera, 17:30 ECCS

Mar 12  (We)
14:00-16:00 Payment of Tuition fees (RMB 11900), Location TBA
18:00 Language Partner Get-together (ECCS)

Apr 11-13 (Fr-Su)
ECCS-Excursion to Chengde (incl. Jinshanling Great Wall), 12:30 ECCS

Apr 21-24 (Mo-Fr)
Mid-term Exams in obligatory courses

Apr 26-May 4 (Sa-Su)
National Holidays
Excursion(s) to Datong (4/25-27) and Inner Mongolia (5/1-4) (tentative dates!)

May 24 (Sa)
ECCS-Temple trip (Tanzhesi/Jietaisi), 9:30 ECCS

June 14 (Su)
HSK-exam (at Renmin Daxue)

June 21 (Sa)
ECCS-Trip to the City Museum (Shoubo), 9:30 ECCS

July 2 (We)
ECCS-Trip to the Chinese Circus, 17:30 ECCS

July 14-18 (Mo-Fr)
Final Exams in all courses

July 18 (Fr)
diploma/certificates, Farewell Dinner

Aug 25  (Mo)
Latest Date to leave the ECCS apartments

Contact Office:

ECCS-Office (老化学楼229):                62758583 or           62758564

Dr. Matthias Niedenführ (MD)                13520269677         matthias.niedenfuehr@uni-tuebingen.de

ZHANG Ying, MA (PM)                           13810946180         zhangying80324@yahoo.com.cn

Fax Office:                                                   62758578

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