Chinese Studies Lecture with Prof. Angela Schottenhammer at the National Library

Last Wednesday (9/2) for the first time the ECCS and the National Library of China jointly hosted an event of the Chinese Studies Lecture Series 中国研究专题系列讲座. Prof. Angela Schottenhammer from Salzburg University was invited to present her research on the topic „Yang Liangyao’s Embassy from the Tang to the Abbasid Empire – Fact or Fiction?“ (唐朝杨良瑶出使黑衣大食的历史探究——现实或捏造?). In front of a large public audience of more than a hundred, including of course also our students, Schottenhammer gave a fascinating account on the lesser known and at times controversal voyage of a Tang Eunuch along the coasts of the Indian Ocean to the Arab world seven hundred years before Zheng He. This was followed by an inspired discussion for instance on questiones like the role of the Tibetan Empire in 8th-century world politics and others. It was a great beginning of a cooperative project which is intended to bring together the worlds leading Sinologists and other scholars working China-related topics with a large public audience in China. We hope for many similarly interesting and successful lectures in the future!

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