My room looks like it hasn’t seen a dust mop for ages. What can I do?

Apartments provided by the ECCS Office are in general rented out to ECCS students only, so the previous tenant was a German or Danish student. They all have been informed that they are responsible for the final cleaning of the room prior to their departure (the same applies to you, by the way) or to arrange with the landlord to do so.
All right, what to do? Being a young person full of vigor and initiative, which you doubtless are, you might just grab a wiping cloth and see what you can do about it right here and now. In extreme cases you can contact the office. We will evaluate the situation and may organize professional cleaning. In such a case the previous tenant might be charged for the expenses.
Some students of the previous semester might have left 4 to 6 weeks prior to your arrival and the infamous air quality of Beijing (heavy air pollution, occasional sand storms) paired with generally bad window and door isolation can turn a perfectly cleaned room into a dustbin in no time. So the dusty layer on your desk might well have a “natural” reason and thus bring a verdict of “not guilty” for your predecessor.
In any case a famous public toilet quote applies here as well: leave the place in a condition like you’d wish to find it in!

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