There is no hot water for a decent shower. What can I do?

Or maybe there is hot water? Once you figure it out, your apartment should definitely have hot water, only the tenants don’t know how to operate the equipment correctly. Chinese apartments are typically equipped with a gas driven water boiler, a so called continuous-flow water heater. This apparatus is most often installed in the kitchen.

When you open up for the hot water in the bathroom, the same boiler in the kitchen will first register a water flow, upon which it ignites a gas flame which again will begin to heat the water now running through the boiler. You may even hear the ignition (a few “tac tac tac” followed by a humming sound). In most cases it is simply a question of how long the way for the hot water is to reach to the shower and eventually to you.

Here you can adjust the water temperature

Here you can adjust the water temperature










Try to open up maximum for hot water and then give it a minute or two. If the water still only is cold or rather chilly after a few minutes, keep the water running, throw on a towel, go in the kitchen and check if you can see a gas flame in the boiler. If the boiler ignited correctly you might want to try to adjust some of the regulators on the boiler. Depending on the model there are 3-5 (or more) regulators. On one of them it should say ‚summer‘ – ‚winter‘ (夏,冬). You want the ‚winter‘-modus! Another regulator controls the height/intensity of the gas flame. Try to adjust that one as well. If you can’t see a gas flame, the boiler hasn’t ignited correctly. Turn of the hot water and then open up again. If you still can’t hear an ignition or see a flame in the boiler, congratulations! There really is no hot water for a decent shower at the moment. You are welcome to contact the ECCS office or your landlord directly.


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