My air-condition is broken. Who takes care of repairs?

When you move in, make sure to check all furniture and equipment, to see if it is damaged or inoperable and inform the landlord, since he/she can affect repairs.   If you break furniture, windows, mirrors, toilet seats, etc. during usage, please inform the landlord immediately to take care of it.

In case of major equipment like the A/C, TV, refrigerators, please contact the office, so we can evaluate who has to pay the expenses and help you broker a deal. After the landlord is informed of outstanding repairs or any other problems, it might take a couple of days until something is repaired. This is not necessarily your landlord’s fault but the handymen often are very busy. Broken electrical devices may have a much higher power consumption and might cause you extra costs on your electricity bill. Therefore, if you think your fridge or any other device might not be fully functional , contact your landlord as soon as possible and have it checked.

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