I lost my wallet / My credit card got stolen! What should I do?

First, of course, try to recall when you last held it in your hand and where you might have lost it or where it might have been stolen. Go through the last places you’ve been and maybe ask people (i.e. in a café, restaurant etc.). If you think you left it in a taxi, contact the taxi company immediately and tell them the route you took and the individual taxi number, which you find on the upper right of your taxi receipt. Therefore, for any things lost, always get a receipt from your taxi driver! Without the receipt it is almost impossible to find your cab among a total of some 80.000 taxis in Beijing. However, different from searching for a lost cell phone you shouldn’t search too long! If you can’t find it right away, call your bank, card issuer to have your credit card blocked!
If you don’t know the number of your bank or card issuer, try International Emergency Numbers for help, see below. For reasons of insurance compensation you need to go to the nearest police station to report the loss. (“Report of Loss of Wallet/Credit Card”). By the way, even if you are absolutely sure that your card got stolen (such as in you saw the person running away with your bag), the police might require you to report it „lost“ rather than „stolen“ since reported petty crimes reflect badly on the police. 

Visa Global Card Assistance Service

China (North) 10-800-711-2911
China (South) 10-800-110-2911
If this doesn’t work, try to make a collect call to: + 1-410-581-9994

EuroCard / MasterCard Global Assistance

China: 10-800-110-7309
If this doesn’t work, try to make a collect call to: +1-636-722-7111

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