The bank clerk only speaks Chinese. What vocabulary should I use?

Helpful vocabulary when you are at a bank, you are making payments or have other monetary issues:

学费 xuéfèi tuition fee
房东 fángdōng landlord
房客 fángkè tenant
租赁合同 zūlìnhétong rent agreement
房租 fángzū housing rent
取钱 qǔqián withdrawal
存款 cúnkuǎn deposit
收据 \ 发票 shōujù \ fāpiào receipt
自动提款机 zìdòngtíkuǎnjī ATM
自动提款机吞了我的卡 zìdòngtíkuǎnjī tūn le wǒ de kǎ The ATM swallowed my card

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