I have friends / family coming over for a visit and staying at my place. Anything I need to know or pay attention to?

Yes. First, ask your flat mates whether it’s ok having an extra person staying (potential conflicts over things like occupying the bathroom in the morning shouldn’t be underestimated!). Next, tell your landlord about the visit and how long your guest intends to stay.
In China the landlord is responsible for the correct registration of his tenants, therefore also ask your landlord whether or not your guest has to register at the local police station. In most cases landlords won’t find it necessary for short term visitors (maximum 4 weeks), in other cases he/she will do the registration for you or send you there to do it yourself.
If the landlord asks you to go over and register a guest yourself, the friendly officer at the station will most likely ignore you or send you away again… but for what it’s worth, you at least tried to comply. In any way, if the landlord knows about your guest and any legal issue in this respect should arise afterwards, you should (theoretically) be off the hook.

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