What do I do when I lost my passport?

Please try not to loose it!

If you do, a whole bunch of time-consuming paper work is waiting ahead. Without a passport and valid visa you have no identification on your person and you can’t leave the country either. However this is by no means the end of the world and things can be sorted out.
First go to a nearby police station and get a so-called “confirmation of reporting the loss of passport” (护照报失证明).
Next step is to take this confirmation, at least two passport photos (bring more to be safe) and any other ID on your person (for example copy of passport) and go to your embassy to apply for an emergency passport, which is to be used until your new final documents are ready. As for the new visa turn to the ECCS office & Zhexuexi for help as soon as possible. The procedure then is just as in the article „I want to leave China during the semester„.

If you loose your passport by the time you’re no longer an ECCS student and you choose to stay in Beijing a little longer, you will have to take care of things yourself:
After you got your emergency passport from your embassy please go immediately to the Beijing Public Security Bureau (PSB) to apply for a new visa. It normally takes five workdays (i.e. one week) to obtain a new visa. Also bear in mind that the PSB is closed on Sunday and that there is no emergency duty available. Contact your airline and check possibilities to re-schedule your flight if you are running out of time.

Public Security Bureau of Beijing – Entry-Exit Administration Service Center,
2号 Andingmen E St Dongcheng, Beijing China‎

Find the PSB Exit-Entry Management Service Center and apply for your visa - Good luck!

Find the PSB Exit-Entry Management Service Center and apply for your visa – Good luck!

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