Where can I pay my Internet Fees?

Depending on the landlord and apartment the landlord takes care of paying these fees and then deducts them from your deposit or you have to do it by yourself.

In the later case you have to do the following:

1) Get your fixed line number and/or Internet contract number from the landlord. Write it down! Ask about what  Internet company the apartment

2) Go to the PKU Telephone Office (Changtu Dianhuashi 长途电话室 , map) on campus, mention your phone number and pay the fee. Usually the telephone and Internet flat rate are combined and cost about RMB 150 to 200 per month. You might have to wait 24h until the Internet is activated again.

3) Some contracts are through the PKU Campus Network and then you have to pay at the IT Center (Jisuan zhongxin 计算中心) (map) on campus instead.

4) Some landlords use other Internet companies. Please inquire with them.

NOTE: In a few cases you might have to pay the still unpaid fees from your students who occupied the apartment before you, since they left without being able to pay the last month’s fee. This is normal. You won’t be able to pay your last bill as well and the new students moving in after you has to take care of your last open bill. The amounts usually are roughly the same. If more than one month is still unpaid contact the office so we can settle the issue with the former tenant of your apartment.

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