I can’t get online and need to talk to my boyfriend or girlfriend!

If it is extremely urgent, you can always take your laptop (or a borrowed one) to the next WiFi Spot, like the Lush, Bridge Café, SIT, etc. and get online for free and then use Skype or any other VoIP Service. Some places at Wudaokou are open 24/7 and you can get a good coffee or a nice burger while surfing. (Check out the 2-4 am Burger hour at Lush for example).

Places to go near PKU Campus:

Paradiso Café (map):

Café on campus with decent coffee and some snacks. There is an open Wifi network, which tends to slow down when too many students are online. Ask the waitresses for the password.

Central Park (map):

Western-style café also with food and snacks on the North end of the Changchunyuan Foodmile (畅春园) just near the Westgate of Beida. Wifi is reliable there.

Places to go near Wudaokou:

Bridge Café (map):

LUSH (map)

Sculpting in Time S.I.T. (map):

Java Coffee (map)

Bean Tree Café (map)

EATalia (map):

Starbucks near  (map)

Starbucks near PKU Westgate

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