How do I pass the guards and get into PKU Campus?

At least for some, it will become the same procedure every morning. Five minutes before class begins, you’re racing your bike to Beida East Gate (Dongmen 东门) and suddenly you have to stop abruptly to rifle through your books, old lunch packets and hankies just to find your student ID – mafan!

Instead, try to put on a smile, get off your bike and walk determined and confident, in most cases the guards then will let you pass without checking you any further. Still it is a good idea to carry your student ID with you, not only on campus but also outside, as it also functions as your personal ID in Beijing (so leave your passports at home in a save place!).

This only works on the East Gate since it is the busiest one. On the other gates this does not work since the guards don’t have much to do and therefor pay more attention to the customers … that is you! So bring your ID with you whenever you have business on Campus.

The Campus Card (xiaoyuanka 校园卡) is your student ID

The Campus Card (xiaoyuanka 校园卡) is your student ID

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