What gates does the PKU campus have?

The main PKU campus is quite large and measures 1 by 2 km in size. There are 8 gates (map):

1) East Gate (Dongmen 东门), right next to Line 4 „Peking University East Gate“ Station

2) West Gate (Ximen 西门), the official PKU gate leading to the President’s Bldg. (Make sure you get the souvenir picture with Chairman Mao’s calligraphy!)

3) West Car Gate (Xichemen 西车们), good if you stay in Shaoyuan or live in the PKU west campus (Weixiuyuan 微秀园, Changchunyuan 畅春园 and Chengzeyuan 成泽园)

4) Small West Gate (Xiao Ximen 小西门), good if you stay in Shaoyuan or want to go to the Changchunyuan Food Mall.

5) South Gate (Nanmen 南门), that’s where all the delivery services are to be found.

6) East Car Gate (Dongchemen 动车们), super-lazy students can have the taxi enter campus here (provided the guard accepts your ID)

7) North-Eastern Car Gate (北车门). If you get off the Bus Station „Zhongguanyuan Bei“ (), this is the easiest entry point to the campus.

8) Small East Gate (小东门). Small gate by the soccer field and the Boya Pagoda. Great short cut to the PKU clinic.

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