How can I buy food in the PKU canteens?

At the start of semester the ECCS office will hand out your campus cards to you which you can use in any canteen on campus as a food card. We will charge you RMB 40 for the card processing we (to reimburse us since we are charged that amount from PKU).

Since your card still is empty you will have to recharge it before you can use it. For this please go to the PKU campus card office or the PKU food card office:

PKU Campus Card Office (Xiaoyuanka bangongshi 校园卡办公室): In the South-East corner of the No 1. Like Bldg. (理科一号楼) (map).

PKU Food Card Office (Fanka Bangongshi 饭卡办公室): On the Eastern side entrance of the building housing the Luck Café  in the Food Mile of PKU campus (map).

If you exceed a daily consumption of 15 RMB on your food card you will be ask to enter a PIN number for all further use by the time you place your card onto the card reader. This is a measure of precaution in case you loose your card, so that the potentially dishonest finder is not able to bring his/her whole family and friends to use all your money on a single dinner. Please inquire at the PKU campus card office for this PIN.

Once recharged you just take your card and walk up to any food counter in the canteens and upon ordering put your card on the card reader. The money will then be deducted and you can also see how much money you’ve left on it. A normal and filing dish at Beida canteens will set you back around 6 or 8 RMB. However, the Burger canteen for example charges slightly higher prices for its meals.

This is the Food Card Center of PKU

This is the Food Card Center of PKU

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