I want to send urgent mail to Europe. What is the best way?

You might have mail to send to Europe. Depending on how urgent it is, there are several ways to send it:

Chinese Postal Service

The cheapest way is to send it by the airmail service of the Chinese Postal Service, but it will take about a week (or more). You can have mail registered (guahao 挂号), then you can follow the shipment online.

EMS Service

For urgent mail, you can use also use the EMS service. This way your documents will reach Europe within 3-4 workdays. The EMS is available also at the Post Office in the Food Mile.

Peking University Post & Telecom Office, 北京市海淀区五四路, 邮政编码: 100871 (map), Phone: +86 10-62757445

For really urgent mail there are also even quicker options:


There is a DHL office hidden in the back of the building next to the bicycle dealer in the Food Mile on campus. If your mail goes it to an university address, you can get a super express document shipment for just RMB 145 which will be in Europe within 1-2 workdays. Opening Times: 9-17:30.

DHL Office, 北京市海淀区五四路, 邮政编码: 100871 (map), Phone: +86 10 5726 0076


If you prefer FedEx there is a post office in the Shaoyuan Zhengda International Center (the hotel where we have the welcome dinner). The office is on the right side from the main entrance.

Shaoyuan Zhengda International Center, 北京市海淀区芙蓉北路燕园 (map), Phone: +86 10-62752218


UPS has a RMB 190 express service which will get your mail to Europe in 2-3 workdays. Their office is in Wumei Minimart at the end of the Food Mile.

Wumei Minimart 物美超市,  北京市海淀区五四路 (map),  Phone: +86 10-6275 3614, Mobile: 158 1142 6687

A bigger office can be found in Zhongguancun south of the 4th Ringroad.

UPS Office Zhongguancun, 北京市海淀区海淀大街, 100080 (map), Phone: +86 10-57118557

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