Peking University (abbreviated Beida in Chinese) as one of the most renowned universities in China, not only features an excellent scientific library (with over 5 mio volumes), but also of a large number of study departments that cater to every possible study interest and focus. This is interesting for undergraduates, post graduate students, PhD students and established researchers alike.

Through its presence on the Beida campus the ECCS can assist in gaining access to these resources. We  develop this particular field in order to enable European scholars to do research at Beida. So far we have succeeded in paving the way for contacts between European scholars and scholars at Beida, and have also been helpful in library and archival research. If you have any requests of this kind, please contact the ECCS office.

PKU Library

Furthermore, the programme provides opportunities to invite scholars from Peking University to the partner universities in Germany and Denmark. The Centre implements innovative forms of interdisciplinary cooperation and aims to strengthen the internationalisation of teaching and research between Chinese and European partners. As part of the goal to internationalise teaching, ECCS also assists Chinese students in their endeavors to find European universities appropriate for their further studies. The ECCS office provides information materials on European partner universities and can help establish contact between Chinese and European students.

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