The teaching staff of the ECCS is our most important asset. We recruit a number of well-trained teachers that meet the specific demands for each term. Our teachers have degrees in teaching Chinese as a foreign language and worked for our centre for many years. Most of the centre’s teachers also have teaching experience at our partner universities in Europe and therefor are well qualified to meet the needs of our European students and can deliver them insights into China and its people.

The teaching staff provides excellent language training for the students. For each course category we have different teachers who are specialized in the respective course. We also implemented several teaching evaluations per year as part of our quality management.

We also try to maintain an equal number of female and male teachers so that the students are exposed to a balanced language environment.

Current teachers

Mrs. ZHANG Ying, MA (张莹)

Mrs. Zhang, a native of Anhui Province, graduated from Renmin University of China (Renmin Daxue 人民大学) in Beijing with a degree in Applied Linguistics. Since the summer term of 2008 she is the Program Manager of the ECCS and also teaches classes. Her extensive teaching experience includes courses in Ancient Chinese Language (Gudai Hanyu) and Introduction to Chinese Culture (Wenhua). For the latter course category she authored the textbook ECCS students use. Her research interests are Qing-time operas, especially Palace Operas (Gongtingju).


Mr. TAI Junfeng, BA (邰俊峰)
Mrs. LIANG Weiling, BA (梁伟玲)
Mr. LU Yang, BA (卢阳)
Mrs. YAN Bin, BA (晏斌)
Mrs. WANG Jing, BA (王静)
Mrs. YU Xue, BA (于雪)
Mr. ZHU Zihui,  MA (朱子辉), Renmin University of China
Mr. JIN Ming (金鸣)
Prof. Dr. ZHANG Zhongqiu (张中秋), Dept. of Philosophy, PKU

Teachers in past semesters

Dr. CHEN Dong (陈东), School of Economics PKU
Prof. Dr. XI Damin (席大民), Dept. of Philosophy, PKU
Mrs. GUO Jinxiang, BA (郭金香)
Mrs. Mu Zhaohui, MA (穆朝晖), ECCS PM (WS2001-WS2003, SS2005-WS2007)
Ms. ZHANG Shenyu (张慎玉)
Mr. GUO Jianning (郭建宁)
Ms. Mirjam Tröster, MA
Mrs. DU Yi (杜轶)
Mrs. FU Na (傅娜)
Ms. LI Yuxiang (李予湘)
Mrs. LIANG Xian, BA (梁娴)
Ms. ZHANG Ying (张颖)
Mr. ZHANG Xian (张弦)
Ms. WANG Xiaoyan, MA (王晓燕)
Mrs. YU Qing (禹静)
Mr. PANG Shuwei, BA
Ms. LIU Jia (刘嘉)

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