The European Centre for Chinese Studies is a joint programme between the Universities of Tübingen and Frankfurt a.M. (both Germany) and Copenhagen (Denmark) and is located at renowned Peking University (PKU), P.R. China. Visiting students participate in intensive Chinese language courses and different cultural classes.

Facilities on campus

The ECCS is a contact point for academic communication and research cooperation between the European partner universities and Peking University. The ECCS maintains an office and classrooms on PKU campus, and Chinese teaching staff is specially assigned to the programme.

A Managing Director – and sometimes also an Assistant MD – is delegated from Europe to take care of study and administration matters on location. S/he may also hold classes related to the ECCS-programme. A Chinese Programme Manager supports them.

The language courses are very intensive and include classes in textual, oral and listening comprehension as well as preparatory training for the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK). Other elective courses include reading of Chinese newspapers/periodicals, Chinese culture, classical Chinese and Calligraphy. Since the programme and course contents are aligned to the curricula for Chinese Studies at the European partner universities, all achievements and grades obtained from the ECCS are fully creditable.

Furthermore the ECCS provides accommodation for the students, helps finding language partners and offers various trips and excursions. The ECCS staff gladly offers help and advice regarding questions about studies and/or life in Beijing.

Student exchange

Between 2001 and 2013, over 1000 students from four universities studied at ECCS making it the program with the highest number of European students at Peking University. Among the alumni a sizable number now live and work in China or are engaged in China or Asia related jobs. They are connected through an internet based alumni network. For the future the partners strive to facilitate exchange opportunities also for PKU students to Europe.

Academic Exchange

During the decade of its existence, faculty members from PKU (mainly from the Depts. of Philosophy and History) were invited to the European partner universities in Denmark and Germany for research stays varying from 3 months to one year. There, they conducted research and taught courses in Chinese and their subject matter to advanced students, giving the European students a rare glimpse into the contemporary research work of Chinese scholars. The ECCS is grateful to the European partner universities and DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) for their support over the years. Apart from faculty members, also several of the teachers working for ECCS were invited to Europe to enrich their own teaching experience and better understand the background of their students.

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