The courses at ECCS are all taught in Chinese. With an all Chinese language environment we can achieve a full immersion experience for our students which brings about the best results. Also the average size of the classes is between 8 and 12 students, therefore guaranteeing that all students have a good share of the teacher’s attention.

Here you can find information about the different course categories taught at ECCS. On top of that we can add new custom-made courses that correspond to the requirements that the European partner universities have.

课文 Kewen – Chinese Language Course

The course is intended to train students on the ability to use particular sentence patterns and common expressions and to express themselves with Chinese paragraphs. It is designed to lay a solid foundation for students and prepare them for the Elementary-Intermediate level HSK.

口语 Kouyu – Colloqial Chinese Course

Students taking the course are expected to have the ability to express themselves in paragraphs with normal speed of speech and clear, accurate and appropriate expressions. It is expected that they are able to initiate and extend discussions on common topics and have the ability to negotiate and talk over business with others.

文化 Wenhua – Chinese Culture Course

In this course students acquire more knowledge concerning Chinese culture in order to improve their understanding of the Chinese society and the Chinese people. It combines teaching of cultural knowledge and improving students’ language proficiency and is intended to help students enlarge their vocabulary and develop their ability to communicate at a high level with native Chinese. Field trips within Beijing to places of cultural relevance, like temples, museums, etc are also part of this course.

古汉 Gudai Hanyu – Ancient Chinese Course

This course gives a general introduction to the basic sentence patterns and common words and phrases in ancient Chinese. After the course students are expected to be able to read simple ancient Chinese articles with the help of reference books.

报刊 Baokan – Reading of Newspapers and Periodicals

This course helps students familiarize themselves with different types of Chinese newspapers and periodicals, their characteristics and common language used. It is also intended to help students form a good habit of reading, to increase their vocabulary and improve their ability to read newspapers and periodicals. Through reading newspaper and periodical articles, students are expected to understand and show more concern to the Chinese society and culture and the current hot issues.

经济 Jingji – Business Chinese

This course increases students’ knowledge in business in China and develop their ability to use Chinese for future work environments. It has two objectives: 1) to lay a foundation for students’ future business activities conducted in Chinese through teaching common Chinese business vocabulary, special sentence patterns and professional knowledge; 2) to develop students’ reading skills and to improve their ability to understand articles concerning economic issues and their capability of using proper business language through practice in a simulated business context. Student

书法 Shufa – Chinese Calligraphy

This course introduces the knowledge of Chinese Calligraphy and enhance interests in learning Chinese character. Through understanding and learning the basic skills of Chinese Calligraphy, students learn to appreciate Chinese culture and its artistic concepts.

汉语水平考试 HSK preparatory course

Students get familiar with the various items and the structure of the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, China’s offical language proficiency test. Student’s ability in listening comprehension, reading comprehension, grammar structure is increased. Students also take mock exams to get used to the real life exam situation. The course had been adapted to the new Hanban issued HSK that is now the new international standard.

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