ECCS Student Guide to Life in Beijing

This guide provides answers and assistance to practical questions and minor or bigger problems you may (or may not) encounter upon arrival and during your study stay in Beijing, especially during the starting phase. You will also find useful tips and suggestions on how to provide personal sustenance during your first days in Beijing, i.e. food, food and food.

The selection of the issues handled in the guide is based on long lasting experience by the ECCS office staff. Up to now we have been able to solve all problems one way or another and we want you to benefit from that experience. Not only because of this fact the very first and most precious pearl of advice shall be given to you right here at the beginning: Regardless of whether you find yourself involuntarily confined in your apartment (jammed front door), facing flood and diluvium (clogged toilet) or “just” have lost your passport and wallet, containing all your money and an invaluable photo collection of your sadly missed dog at home: DON’T PANIC, or – even better – try to take it with a breeze of humor.


Please browse through the articles using the „Life in Beijing“ sub-menu. Or you click on relevant tags on the right. You can also type in search terms in the search window on the top right to find answers in corresponding articles within this guide. Overall there are more than 70 articles, so its likely you’ll find something useful.

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