My air-condition is broken. Who takes care of repairs?

When you move in, make sure to check all furniture and equipment, to see if it is damaged or inoperable and inform the landlord, since he/she can affect repairs.   If you break furniture, windows, mirrors, toilet seats, etc. during usage,

I’m freezing, the radiator isn’t working! What can I do?

Beijing winters are very dry and biting cold! Following the summer heat, September normally brings nice and warm autumn weather. Alas, this period is rather short and weather is cooling down quickly during October. In Beijing, central heating is –

I don’t like the interior and overall decoration of my room. What can I do?

The ECCS strives to provide you with apartments which at any rate meet certain basic standards and requirements, i.e. heating, hot water and air conditioning. Furthermore all apartments should be ready and functionally (!) furnished. Unfortunately the ECCS can’t give