I arrived and want to use the Internet. Will it work immediately?

The apartments usually have the necessary equipment to get online. In some cases though setting the Internet up might take a while since a new contract has to be activated first. If the landlord gives you an ID and a

I want to use the fixed landline phone to call home. What do I do?

In some apartments there are fixed landline phones installed, but some may not be set up for international calls, some are even limited to just the city. Ask the landlord to expand the service if you need it. For international

I’ll soon return to Europe and want my deposit back. What do I do?

It goes without saying that when you’re leaving China (or at least your Beijing apartment) you’ll have to handover your keys to the landlord. Always inform your landlord in advance of the date you leave so that he/she can plan

How about throwing a party in my apartment?

Of course! There can be absolutely no objections against inviting a few friends over for a drink and a nice chat. But we seriously suggest you to leave it at that (a “few” friends and a nice “chat”)! If you

I can’t close my window. Can I leave over the weekend nonetheless?

No! Even in dry Beijing unexpected bad weather can ruin your room and adjacent apartments when open windows are left unattended. Call your landlord for help, don’t force it since the window might break.

I made a huge burn mark on my desk. Can I put a blanket over it and leave China?

No! Don’t try to cover up. The landlord trusts you and us and such a behavior  might damage this trust. If you inform the landlord a good solution will be found. If not, we will contact your university to get

I broke stuff in the apartment. Who has to pay for it?

Most repairs are rather cheap in China (windows, mirrors, etc), but for bigger equipment (e.g. a clogged toilet beyond any hope that needs to be replaced in full) you are required to have damage insurance, which you then should inform

My air-condition is broken. Who takes care of repairs?

When you move in, make sure to check all furniture and equipment, to see if it is damaged or inoperable and inform the landlord, since he/she can affect repairs.   If you break furniture, windows, mirrors, toilet seats, etc. during usage,

Where and how do I pay my gas bill / water bill?

If at some body your doorbell is ringing without you expecting any guests it might be someone from the gas or water company to check the gas meter. Upon checking the meter you’ll either get an invoice right away or

We have a blackout in our apartment! What can we do?

First check your surroundings and the given parameters, i.e. find out if there is a general power cut in your neighborhood or if the problem is to be found in your apartment only. Just give it a moment’s silence. If