I’m freezing, the radiator isn’t working! What can I do?

Beijing winters are very dry and biting cold! Following the summer heat, September normally brings nice and warm autumn weather. Alas, this period is rather short and weather is cooling down quickly during October. In Beijing, central heating is –

How are utility charges handled?

Depending on the apartment you live in either your landlord will take care of things or you’ll have to go and pay for yourself. First mentioned being the case, the utilities will typically be deducted from your rent deposit by

There is no hot water for a decent shower. What can I do?

Or maybe there is hot water? Once you figure it out, your apartment should definitely have hot water, only the tenants don’t know how to operate the equipment correctly. Chinese apartments are typically equipped with a gas driven water boiler,

My toilet is clogged. What can I do?

This one is delicate. Sure it wasn’t all your fault, but you have been told at least ones before and allow us to kindly remember you one more time: never ever throw toilet paper into the toilet! The Chinese sewage

Cockroaches in my apartment!?! What can I do?

To say it outright: there is hardly a building in Beijing that doesn’t. You have basically three options: 1. Ignore them. 2. Make friends with them. Legend says that some students even tried to tame them and make them perform

My room looks like it hasn’t seen a dust mop for ages. What can I do?

Apartments provided by the ECCS Office are in general rented out to ECCS students only, so the previous tenant was a German or Danish student. They all have been informed that they are responsible for the final cleaning of the

I don’t like the interior and overall decoration of my room. What can I do?

The ECCS strives to provide you with apartments which at any rate meet certain basic standards and requirements, i.e. heating, hot water and air conditioning. Furthermore all apartments should be ready and functionally (!) furnished. Unfortunately the ECCS can’t give

I locked myself in? What can I do?

Chinese door locks often work differently from the one you know in Europe. Make sure that you and all other tenants ask the landlord how to operate the keys and lock and have him/her show it to you when you