I want to send packages back to Europe. How long does it take?

To send off packages just go to the Post Office in the Food Mile on campus. Just bring you stuff in bags and the service personnel will help you pack it in the suitable packages on site (for a small

Helpful vocabulary for campus related issues

Here is some helpful vocabulary: 北大东门 běidà dōngmén Beida East Gate 北大南门 běidà nánmén Beida South Gate 学生证 xuéshēng zhèng student ID 复印店 fùyìndiàn copy shop 复印 fùyìn copy 打印输出 dǎyìnshūchū Printout 扫描 sàomiáo scan 文件 wénjiàn document 优盘 yōupán

I need to have copies of important documents. Where can I get them?

Go to one of the many copy shops on campus, easily recognizable by the word fuyin (复印). If you need a printout of a document, just bring your USB-stick  with the file on it with you and get it printed

How do I get access to the PKU library?

First you will need to have your Campus Card ready (xiaoyuanka 校园卡). You will have to get the card registered for PKU library use. When you first get into the PKU library (from the South entrance) you cannot yet use

I need a passport photo. Where can I get one made?

Go to the Wumei Market at the end of the Food Mile on the PKU campus, go through the subterranean floor to the far end. On the left side is a photo studio. If you want, you can get your photo

I lost my Campus Card. What can I do?

Go to the PKU Campus Card Office, bring your student ID Number and the RMB 40 handling fee. The PKU Campus Card Office will then issue a new card and transfer your old balance to it (provided nobody found it

How can I buy food in the PKU canteens?

At the start of semester the ECCS office will hand out your campus cards to you which you can use in any canteen on campus as a food card. We will charge you RMB 40 for the card processing we

What can I do when I loose my Student ID?

Try not to. If it still happens, go to the PKU campus cards office, tell them your Student No. and bring RMB 40 along for the processing fee. They will reissue you the PKU campus card (xiaoyuanka 校园卡). If you

How do I pass the guards and get into PKU Campus?

At least for some, it will become the same procedure every morning. Five minutes before class begins, you’re racing your bike to Beida East Gate (Dongmen 东门) and suddenly you have to stop abruptly to rifle through your books, old

What gates does the PKU campus have?

The main PKU campus is quite large and measures 1 by 2 km in size. There are 8 gates (map): 1) East Gate (Dongmen 东门), right next to Line 4 „Peking University East Gate“ Station 2) West Gate (Ximen 西门),