Where can I find good Chinese Food around Wudoukou?

As the heart of the university district of Beijing with so many foreign students the restaurants tend to cater to a very international crowd. There are also some good Chinese options. Here are a few: Sushi Jiuliu (苏轼酒楼): This Suzhou

How can I buy food in the PKU canteens?

At the start of semester the ECCS office will hand out your campus cards to you which you can use in any canteen on campus as a food card. We will charge you RMB 40 for the card processing we

Cockroaches in my apartment!?! What can I do?

To say it outright: there is hardly a building in Beijing that doesn’t. You have basically three options: 1. Ignore them. 2. Make friends with them. Legend says that some students even tried to tame them and make them perform

Grandma’s Kitchen at Wudaokou

The Hualian Center (U-Center) at Wudaokou has a restaurant with American Home Cooking on the sixth floor called Grandma’s Kitchen. Go and try out their burgers!