The toilet flush is constantly running. Is this a problem? What can I do?

This is a problem indeed. Apart from environmental aspects, which concerns us all, this might also bring about significant consequences for your water bill! If you find any water running in your apartment when it normally shouldn’t, please contact your

My toilet is clogged. What can I do?

This one is delicate. Sure it wasn’t all your fault, but you have been told at least ones before and allow us to kindly remember you one more time: never ever throw toilet paper into the toilet! The Chinese sewage

Cockroaches in my apartment!?! What can I do?

To say it outright: there is hardly a building in Beijing that doesn’t. You have basically three options: 1. Ignore them. 2. Make friends with them. Legend says that some students even tried to tame them and make them perform

My room looks like it hasn’t seen a dust mop for ages. What can I do?

Apartments provided by the ECCS Office are in general rented out to ECCS students only, so the previous tenant was a German or Danish student. They all have been informed that they are responsible for the final cleaning of the