What vocabulary can I use when dealing with telecommunication issues?

Here is some useful vocabulary: 国际通话 guójì tōnghuà international calls IP 卡 IP kǎ IP card 手机 shǒujī cell phone 发票 fāpiào taxi receipt 无线网络 wúxiàn wǎngluò WiFi Spot 透过以太网传输 tòuguò yǐtài wǎng chuánshū PPPoE Service 调制解调器 tiáozhì jiětiào qì

I want to use the wireless Internet access on campus. Is that possible?

Yes, but it is expensive and a bit of a hassle: 1) You ask for a form for a letter of recommendation from the ECCS. 2) You ask Prof. Zhang Xiucheng of the Zhexuexi to sign it off. 3) With

I can’t get online and need to talk to my boyfriend or girlfriend!

If it is extremely urgent, you can always take your laptop (or a borrowed one) to the next WiFi Spot, like the Lush, Bridge Café, SIT, etc. and get online for free and then use Skype or any other VoIP

Where can I pay my Internet Fees?

Depending on the landlord and apartment the landlord takes care of paying these fees and then deducts them from your deposit or you have to do it by yourself. In the later case you have to do the following: 1) Get

I arrived and want to use the Internet. Will it work immediately?

The apartments usually have the necessary equipment to get online. In some cases though setting the Internet up might take a while since a new contract has to be activated first. If the landlord gives you an ID and a