I lost my Campus Card. What can I do?

Go to the PKU Campus Card Office, bring your student ID Number and the RMB 40 handling fee. The PKU Campus Card Office will then issue a new card and transfer your old balance to it (provided nobody found it

How can I buy food in the PKU canteens?

At the start of semester the ECCS office will hand out your campus cards to you which you can use in any canteen on campus as a food card. We will charge you RMB 40 for the card processing we

What can I do when I loose my Student ID?

Try not to. If it still happens, go to the PKU campus cards office, tell them your Student No. and bring RMB 40 along for the processing fee. They will reissue you the PKU campus card (xiaoyuanka 校园卡). If you

I have lost my cell phone but want to keep my number. What can I do?

First, of course, try to recall when you last used your cell phone and where you might have lost it or where it might have been stolen. Go through the last places you’ve been and maybe ask people (i.e. in

What do I do when I lost my passport?

Please try not to loose it! If you do, a whole bunch of time-consuming paper work is waiting ahead. Without a passport and valid visa you have no identification on your person and you can’t leave the country either. However