I returned to Europe and have already been waiting 3 months for my packages to arrive. What do I do?

When you send off your packages, make sure you write your name and “c/o ECCS” and the office address as the sender. Do this not just on the form but also on the package itself. In case your package is

My aunt wants to send chocolate for Christmas. What do I tell her?

For packages and Mail from Europe you can use the office address and send her this template: ECCS Office Mail Address: c/o ECCS, Dr. Matthias Niedenfuehr, Beijing 100871 Peking University Dep. of Philosophy, 4th Yard, ECCS, People’s Republic of China 北大欧洲中国研究合作中心 ECCS,宁洲明博士,中国100871北京市海淀区颐和园路5号哲学系四院 There is always someone

I want to send urgent mail to Europe. What is the best way?

You might have mail to send to Europe. Depending on how urgent it is, there are several ways to send it: Chinese Postal Service The cheapest way is to send it by the airmail service of the Chinese Postal Service, but

I want to send packages back to Europe. How long does it take?

To send off packages just go to the Post Office in the Food Mile on campus. Just bring you stuff in bags and the service personnel will help you pack it in the suitable packages on site (for a small

Helpful vocabulary for campus related issues

Here is some helpful vocabulary: 北大东门 běidà dōngmén Beida East Gate 北大南门 běidà nánmén Beida South Gate 学生证 xuéshēng zhèng student ID 复印店 fùyìndiàn copy shop 复印 fùyìn copy 打印输出 dǎyìnshūchū Printout 扫描 sàomiáo scan 文件 wénjiàn document 优盘 yōupán