I need to go to the Danish Embassy. Where can I find it?

Here is the address of the Danish Embassy : Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing 丹麦大使馆 Ambassador: H.E. Mr. Friis Arne Petersen No. 1, Dong Wu Jie, San Li Tun, Chaoyang District, 100600 Beijing (map) Tel. (+86)10 8532 9900, Fax: (+86)10 8532

I need to go to the German Embassy. Where can I find it?

Here is the address of the German Embassy : Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Beijing 德国大使馆 Ambassador: H.E. Dr. Michael Schäfer, No. 17, Dong Zhi Men Wai Da Jie, Chao Yang District, 100600 Beijing (map) Tel: (+86)10 8532

Where are Police Stations (Paichusuo) on or near the PKU campus?

For the residence registration, in case of lost passport or maybe to report someone you might have to go to the police station. Here is a list of Police Stations (Paichusuo 派出所) in the vicinity of PKU campus:  Yanyuan Police Station (燕园派出所)

I got to Beijing. Where do I find the ECCS Office?

The fastest way to reach our office is through the Metro Station Zhongguancun 中关村 on subway line 4. Take the north-western Exit (A) and cross the overpass over the fourth ring road.   You will already see our building at