What vocabulary can I use when dealing with telecommunication issues?

Here is some useful vocabulary: 国际通话 guójì tōnghuà international calls IP 卡 IP kǎ IP card 手机 shǒujī cell phone 发票 fāpiào taxi receipt 无线网络 wúxiàn wǎngluò WiFi Spot 透过以太网传输 tòuguò yǐtài wǎng chuánshū PPPoE Service 调制解调器 tiáozhì jiětiào qì

I have lost my cell phone but want to keep my number. What can I do?

First, of course, try to recall when you last used your cell phone and where you might have lost it or where it might have been stolen. Go through the last places you’ve been and maybe ask people (i.e. in

How can I recharge my phone once I used up my minutes?

Once your minutes are used up, you can get recharge cards (chongzhika 充值卡) at every kiosk or supermarket around town. The recharge cards come in soft business card sized versions where you have to rub off a seal to get

I need a Chinese mobile phone and number. Where do I get one?

Usually you can use your mobile phone from Europe for the first few days, but we advise you to get a local number asap. Just buy a local SIM-card (Chine Telecom or Unicom), which usually comes with a package of minutes.