How do I get access to the PKU library?

First you will need to have your Campus Card ready (xiaoyuanka 校园卡). You will have to get the card registered for PKU library use. When you first get into the PKU library (from the South entrance) you cannot yet use

I have lost my cell phone but want to keep my number. What can I do?

First, of course, try to recall when you last used your cell phone and where you might have lost it or where it might have been stolen. Go through the last places you’ve been and maybe ask people (i.e. in

I forgot my card at the ATM and the machine swallowed it!

Chinese ATMs first issue cash and then wait for another transaction or you to push ”Return card”. For safety reasons they will swallow your card after 2 to 3 minutes (you will hear warning beeps), so that nobody can draw

I’ll soon return to Europe and want my deposit back. What do I do?

It goes without saying that when you’re leaving China (or at least your Beijing apartment) you’ll have to handover your keys to the landlord. Always inform your landlord in advance of the date you leave so that he/she can plan