The bank clerk only speaks Chinese. What vocabulary should I use?

Helpful vocabulary when you are at a bank, you are making payments or have other monetary issues: 学费 xuéfèi tuition fee 房东 fángdōng landlord 房客 fángkè tenant 租赁合同 zūlìnhétong rent agreement 房租 fángzū housing rent 取钱 qǔqián withdrawal 存款 cúnkuǎn

The ATM only gives me RMB 2500 at a time, but I have to pay the rent and tuition fee. What can I do?

Please bear in mind that larger expenses are accumulated at the beginning of the semester (i.e. tuition fee, housing rent paid in advance, excursion fees, etc.). ATMs grant up to 2500 RMB cash withdrawal for each transaction (some banks –

I’ll soon return to Europe and want my deposit back. What do I do?

It goes without saying that when you’re leaving China (or at least your Beijing apartment) you’ll have to handover your keys to the landlord. Always inform your landlord in advance of the date you leave so that he/she can plan