My family is in town and we want to see the Peking Opera. Where can we go?

There are of course a number of venues to consider: Huguang Guildhouse (Huguang Huiguan 湖广会馆) The ECCS trips include a fieldtrip to the Peking Opera to this historically significant location. The Huguang Huiguan in Xicheng District, south east of Tiananmen Square. Take

When do I need to have my passport on me?

Within Beijing a copy of your passport and the PKU student ID will suffice. But once you leave the capital always have your passport with you. Without it you can’t lodge at hotels and you might get in trouble if

I want to visit Vietnam (or another country nearby) at the end of my stay, come back to Beijing for a day to pick up my stuff and leave for home. Can I do that?

This is possible even without a regular visa if your stay in China is less than 24 hours . You need to have your connecting ticket from Beijing at hand before boarding your flight to China or the airline in

Do I need my passport when I make domestic travels?

Always keep your original passport in your apartment and use a copy and your student-ID as identification within Beijing. When travelling outside Beijing you have to have your passport with you. Make sure you keep it in a safe bag