I’ll soon return to Europe and want my deposit back. What do I do?

It goes without saying that when you’re leaving China (or at least your Beijing apartment) you’ll have to handover your keys to the landlord. Always inform your landlord in advance of the date you leave so that he/she can plan

Where and how do I pay my gas bill / water bill?

If at some body your doorbell is ringing without you expecting any guests it might be someone from the gas or water company to check the gas meter. Upon checking the meter you’ll either get an invoice right away or

We have a blackout in our apartment! What can we do?

First check your surroundings and the given parameters, i.e. find out if there is a general power cut in your neighborhood or if the problem is to be found in your apartment only. Just give it a moment’s silence. If

How are utility charges handled?

Depending on the apartment you live in either your landlord will take care of things or you’ll have to go and pay for yourself. First mentioned being the case, the utilities will typically be deducted from your rent deposit by

There is no hot water for a decent shower. What can I do?

Or maybe there is hot water? Once you figure it out, your apartment should definitely have hot water, only the tenants don’t know how to operate the equipment correctly. Chinese apartments are typically equipped with a gas driven water boiler,