The officers at the PSB bureau don’t understand me. What vocabulary do I need?

As if losing your passport is not a headache in itself, for all the entailing paperwork you have to talk to officials who often only speak Chinese. Here is a list of useful vocabulary for this: 派出所登记表 pàichūsuǒ děngjìbiǎo police

The bank clerk only speaks Chinese. What vocabulary should I use?

Helpful vocabulary when you are at a bank, you are making payments or have other monetary issues: 学费 xuéfèi tuition fee 房东 fángdōng landlord 房客 fángkè tenant 租赁合同 zūlìnhétong rent agreement 房租 fángzū housing rent 取钱 qǔqián withdrawal 存款 cúnkuǎn

I have to talk to my landlord. S/he only speaks Chinese. Is there helpful vocabulary?

Talking to landlords is a challenge at the start, but also an opportunity to test your language skills in a real life situation. Here you find a list of vocabulary which will help you here: 房间 fángjiān apartment 加热器 jiārèqì