Where can I find good Chinese Food around Wudoukou?

As the heart of the university district of Beijing with so many foreign students the restaurants tend to cater to a very international crowd. There are also some good Chinese options. Here are a few: Sushi Jiuliu (苏轼酒楼): This Suzhou

Where are Police Stations (Paichusuo) near Wudaokou?

For the residence registration, in case of lost passport or maybe to report someone you might have to go to the police station. Here is a list of Police Stations (Paichusuo 派出所) in the vicinity of Wudaokou: Dongsheng Police Station (东升派出所)  21号

How about throwing a party in my apartment?

Of course! There can be absolutely no objections against inviting a few friends over for a drink and a nice chat. But we seriously suggest you to leave it at that (a “few” friends and a nice “chat”)! If you

I don’t like the interior and overall decoration of my room. What can I do?

The ECCS strives to provide you with apartments which at any rate meet certain basic standards and requirements, i.e. heating, hot water and air conditioning. Furthermore all apartments should be ready and functionally (!) furnished. Unfortunately the ECCS can’t give

Grandma’s Kitchen at Wudaokou

The Hualian Center (U-Center) at Wudaokou has a restaurant with American Home Cooking on the sixth floor called Grandma’s Kitchen. Go and try out their burgers!