I want to use the wireless Internet access on campus. Is that possible?

Yes, but it is expensive and a bit of a hassle: 1) You ask for a form for a letter of recommendation from the ECCS. 2) You ask Prof. Zhang Xiucheng of the Zhexuexi to sign it off. 3) With

What do I do when I lost my passport?

Please try not to loose it! If you do, a whole bunch of time-consuming paper work is waiting ahead. Without a passport and valid visa you have no identification on your person and you can’t leave the country either. However

I want to leave China during the semester. How can I get a visa?

Avoid leaving China during the semester, your original visa (in most cases an F-visa valid for 180 days) will become invalid. In order to return you need a new visa valid long enough so you can participate in the exams.